Guests expectations in 2013

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Mobile Phone

Our Society has evolved to one that is obsessed with gadgets and Internet connectivity, but what exactly does this mean for us as B&B/Farmstay owners?

Most homes now have Entertainment systems, large screen TVs and Wi-Fi connectivity. A lot of guests will have Smart phones, Ipads/Ipods, and as the Ipads etc lack hard wired Networking, the need for a reliable Wi-Fi network they can use becomes paramount. Of course, this is predicated on the need for a reliable high speed Internet connection in your B&B/Farmstay. Some of the newer Router/Modems include a facility to have Guest Logins and a USB Printer as well as high speed Networking and Wi-Fi.

As it is likely that guests will want to recharge their gadgets while they are with you, it is becoming increasingly necessary to have a sufficient number of easily accessible power points in the rooms. Consider getting a few more installed in the most convenient spots. As Apple has a stranglehold on the market with Iphone/Ipod/Ipad, it could be advantageous to have an alarm/Radio with a docking station available so guests can listen to their own music whilst staying at your B&B/Farmstay.

It has become increasingly vital as we draw closer to the end of the analogue TV transmissions that your rooms have HD LCD or Plasma Televisions and the minimum size I would recommend is 32”. Prices have been coming down to the point that they are really affordable.

If you get a lot of business people through your doors, it is a necessity to include a work area with a desk, chair and paper/pen, good lighting and enough space for them to work on their presentation or meeting they will attend. To do this, they will need to work on their Laptop/Ipad (yes a lot of people use “pages” or something similar to edit and create documents and they can have them stored in the Cloud). The ability to use a printer would be a great asset as well (some of the newer printers support “Air Print” so you can print from a smart phone/Ipad).

Article Credits
William Sanderson
Date Published: 
14 Mar 2013