History of the Association

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Bed & Breakfast and Farmstay Association of NSW & ACT Incorporated as it is today has a history dating from the mid 1980s for Farmstay accommodation and the mid 1990s for traditional Bed & Breakfast accommodation.


The New South Wales Farm and Country Holiday Association (NSWFCHA) was first formed early in 1987 to serve as a vehicle through which operators engaged in what is now known as “Farmstay” accommodation might facilitate access to insurance for horse riding activities on their properties in general circumstances where such insurance was not available for individual operators.

The formation of the Australian Farm and Country Tourism Association (AFACT) took place later in 1987 and The New South Wales Farm & Country Holiday Association became the NSW branch of AFACT. Over the years the NSWFCHA had become much more focused on "marketing" and, working through a booking agent, member properties were promoted and an annual Farm & Country Holiday brochure was produced.


The Bed & Breakfast Council of New South Wales (BBCNSW) was established in October 1996 by the formation of a "steering committee" to bring the association into being and to address issues that affected the successful establishment and operation of traditional "Bed & Breakfast" accommodation in New South Wales. It was established as an association incorporated under the Associations Incorporations Act of 1987 in September 1998.

Initially comprised of a majority of metropolitan - based businesses, BBCNSW quickly grew to a membership mix that had a substantial majority of its members outside the major metropolitan centres of the state, including a growing proportion of Farmstay properties a number of whom were also members of NSWFCHA.

The BBCNSW developed a useful range of member benefits, and kept members up to date on industry matters through its newsletter, Bedhead as well as state and regional conferences and seminars. All these initiatives have been developed and expanded over the years, continuing the strong focus on benefits to members that exists today.

A major function of the BBCNSW was its [behind the scenes] work in regard to government at local, state and federal level and with state and national tourism bodies, including The Australian Bed & Breakfast Council (ABBC) subsequently Bed & Breakfast and Farmstay Australia (BBFA) - now disbanded.


On 1 April 2003 the Bed & Breakfast and Farmstay Association of New South Wales Incorporated was established by an amalgamation of the Bed & Breakfast Council of New South Wales and the New South Wales Farm & Country Holiday Association.


In 2006 the Association changed its name to Bed & Breakfast and Farmstay Association of NSW & ACT Incorporated to reflect the reality of its coverage of the Australian Capital Territory from the outset. The Association also holds the registered Business Name of Bed & Breakfast and Farmstay NSW & ACT, first registered in 2004 to be in line with National efforts to encourage consistency across all states at that time.

2009 to present

Bed & Breakfast and Farmstay Association of NSW & ACT now provides a wide range of services from representations to all levels of government agencies on a wide range of industry concerns to an ever increasing range of direct and indirect member services and benefits and affiliation with such Organisations as Accommodation Association of Australia, not just to traditional Bed & Breakfast and Farmstay accommodation owners but to guest houses, units, self contained cottages, and other hosted accommodation owners who are eligible for membership under its rules.