Accommodation Definitions

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All members of the Association provide "Hosted Accommodation" ensuring a ...warm welcome ...a special experience. Accommodation Types are grouped into 2 main categories:

  1. Traditional B&Bs (Homestays), Farmstays and larger bed and breakfast establishments
  2. Self contained with Breakfast OR Fully Self Catering

Definitions of Bed & Breakfast, Farmstay and other "hosted" accommodation in New South Wales and the ACT

  Last updated 30th November 2009

... a warm welcome ... a special experience


Bed & Breakfasts and other types of hosted accommodation are well established in Europe and North America as a way of travelling. It enables a "view" of the travellers' world that is not available from big city hotels or even the larger country hotels and motels. It is one of Australia's fastest growing accommodation types with some 3000 people each year attending courses on owning and operating a Bed & Breakfast, Farmstay or hosted accommodation in New South Wales alone.

Each property, almost by definition, is unique. There is none of the "sameness" or "blandness" you might experience with franchised Accommodation chains, for example. Each has its own ambience, its own particular interest and point of attraction to guests and each offers its own unique "spin" on the locality in which it is situated. This is so whether the property is located in one of our many fabulous cities, whether it is in rural New South Wales on a substantial working farm, in an out of the way rural village, or by the Pacific Ocean.

The one thing that members of the Association have in common is that they all provide "hosted" accommodation; this means that they provide a personal on-the-spot welcome to their guests on arrival and they are "available" for them during their stay for advice and suggestions of the locality. The host's focus is on establishing a warm and friendly, though not intrusive, relationship with their guests.

For the vast majority, and certainly those that contain the phrase Bed & Breakfast in their property name, breakfast is included in their tariff.

There are a number of types of Bed & Breakfast accommodation and it is wise for all new operators to be roughly familiar with them.

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Traditional B&Bs

- Breakfast MUST be included in the tariff.

Bed & Breakfast Homestay

The host and guests are accommodated either in the same building or the guests in accommodation external to that building. Accommodation will provide up to and including 5 guest bedrooms.

Bed & Breakfast Farmstay

Similar to Homestay and is always situated on a rural property or farm with involvement in farm activities, tours and experiences - may be offered on the property or at nearby working farms.

B&B Guesthouse, Boutique Hotel, Inn or Country House

A larger establishment with more than 5 guest rooms - may be a historic home, country manor house or purpose built accommodation for guests. The owner or manager may reside in separate quarters on or off the property. Common guest areas, dining and catering may be available.

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Self Contained With Breakfast OR Fully Self-catering

- Breakfast may be included in the tariff and prepared by hosts or generous breakfast provisions provided for the stay OR properties may be fully self-catering provided they are clearly advertised as such.

Cottages or Houses

Provides all the normal domestic facilities of a home including bedrooms, lounge room, dining room or area, kitchen, bathroom, toilet and sometimes laundry facilities. The building is free standing and guests may have exclusive use of property or outdoor areas to enjoy.

Farmstay Cottages or Houses

Has all the normal facilities of a home and is situated on a rural property or farm. May be the original farm homestead or purpose built accommodation for guests with involvement in farm activities, tours and experiences - may be offered on the property or at nearby working farms.


Smaller than a house or cottage, Self Contained Cabin Accommodation provides guests with most facilities to be self contained in free standing buildings. May be open plan style or have separate bedrooms. Property may have holiday or retreat style facilities.

Farmstay Cabins

Cabins situated on a rural property or farm. Farmstay holiday activities, tours and experiences may be offered on the property or at nearby working farms.

Apartments, Units & Suites
May be open plan or have separate rooms but offers facilities to enable the guest to be self contained with bathroom, kitchenette or full cooking facilities. May be adjoining to another building or home and have a separate or private entrance.

Bunkhouses or Lodges

Generally offered as accommodation for groups, large families or backpackers. May be established buildings (e.g. converted shearers' quarters) or purpose built facilities for special interest groups, school camps, family reunions corporate retreats or skiing groups.

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Remember, to qualify for membership of Bed & Breakfast and Farmstay NSW & ACT - a mark of excellence in accommodation - the property must be "hosted"; the owner (or manager) of a property described above, must be able to provide a personal welcome to guests on arrival and "be available" during the stay for advice and suggestions on the locality.

For all properties, other than Self Contained types specifically identified as 'fully self catering', breakfast, either a full (cooked) breakfast or a generous 'continental' breakfast (whether or not by way of "breakfast provisions"), must be included in the tariff.