Membership Criteria & Fees

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Joining the Association - Bed & Breakfast and Farmstay NSW & ACT

The Association currently provides two types of membership:

1.  Full Membership  |   2.  Associate Membership

1.  Full Membership of the Association is available only to persons who own and operate Bed & Breakfast, Farmstay or other eligible Hosted accommodation establishments, and who have satisfied the criteria established for that purpose by the Association, as set out in full in the Code of Practice established under the Rules of the Association*. 

In outline, these criteria are as follows and must be provided annually to the Association:    

  • a certificate of currency of insurance for your business indicating an adequate level of public and product liability.
  • a current copy of the Certificate of Registration of Business Name from the New South Wales Department of Fair Trading or the Registrar-General's Office in the ACT.
  • a statement of compliance with any applicable local authority requirements in relation to your business.
  • a statement to the effect that you are willing to conduct your business in terms of the Association’s Code of Practice

Fees: Full Membership annual fee is based on the number of lettable units available (renewable on anniversary of joining date) + $55 Joining Fee.

Annual Fee Per Lettable Units
(Lettable Units are per each guest bedroom, cottage, apartment or suite)

1= $198

2 = $231

3 = $264

4 = $297

5 = $330

6+ = $363


2.  Associate Membership is available to persons who operate or intend to own and operate a Bed & Breakfast, Farmstay or other eligible Hosted accommodation establishments and for reasons acceptable to the board of the Association fall short, on an interim basis, of the requirements of full membership.

Fees: Associate Membership annual fee is $165 (renewable on anniversary of joining date) + $55 Joining Fee.


A copy of the Rules of the Association may be obtained by writing to the chair of the Association at PO Box R 1372 Royal Exchange NSW 1225 or by sending an enquiries [at] bbfassociation [dot] com [dot] au (e-mail request).

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