Sweet Treats & Desserts

This is the place to look for an afternoon tea pick me up or to finish off a meal.

Ginger Nut Delights

You will come back for more always

Coconut and Lime cake

Robyn's delicious and most requested Coconut and Lime cake is perfect now that lime's are in season and it tastes sensational straight from the oven on a balmy Spring day.

Apple or Fruit Sponge Pudding

A delicious, easy to make pudding especially nice in cooler weather. Our guests always enjoy it.

Stewed fruit pudding B&B Recipes

Hot Chocolate Puddings

Incredibly rich and delicious self-saucing puddings that take only minutes to prepare, can be left for hours and then cook in 10 mins. Must be served immediately though or they continue to cook and you lose the "self saucing" part.

Chocolate Self Saucing Puddings

Banana and Apple Sauce Pancakes

Pancakes with Banana and Apple Sauce

Banana and Apple Sauce Pancakes

Maple Pear Tarte Tatin

Pear Tart with Maple Syrup - Yum

Maple Pear Tarte Tatin

Poached Pears and Strawberries

Poached Pears and Strawberries as prepared by Lindey Milan at the 2007 BBF NSW-ACT Conference

Poached Pears and Strawberries from the 2007 Annual Conference

Roast Apples and Raisins with Pistachio Nuts

Baked Apples with Fruit and Nuts

Baked Apples
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